Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Camp Dearborn Fall 2012

Camp Dearborn
Here is Nana Camp sporting her new
TV attennae.  We bought a small
flat screen TV for Hubby to
watch the football games.
(Click to enlarge the pictures)
 Below is us at the
rest stop...we were dwarfed by
the big rigs!!

Sun rise over "her" wings

We were treated to a balloon launch

Nana Camp set up for selling her wares.
I bought along some RV towels I made.

A close up of some of the towels.
I did bring some burp cloths to sell too.

The Scotty towels & Cowboy
themed towels were a big hit.
It was such a fun time.  Our first Camp Dearborn Rally.  Will be going back for the Fall 2013 Rally.

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