Sunday, October 30, 2011

Meet Nana Camp

August 2011 purchased a 1960 Shasta Compact
Body is 10ft with a 3ft tongue
Bought it renovated, ready to roll!
Previous owners added mag wheels, faux finished a wood interior, curtains & cushions were done in a Cars Theme fabric.
It came with a 10' x 10' Red Canopy, red folding chairs, red/black outdoor mat, new refrig, hot plate, microwave, and a potty.

I named her "Nana Camp"....I'm known as "Dot Nana" and I've wanted one of these "vintage" campers for a long time.
"She" will keep her red/black/white theme, but adding some green & pink too....just a touch of pink...(my favorite color)....but Hubby will be going camping too, so....not too much girly stuff.

Click on each picture to enlarge...

Below....Faux wood grain interior & new flooring

Car Themed curtains & cushions

At the Secretary of State for Trailer plates.

Dot Nana taking pictures

Here we are leaving the previous owners.

Our first outing to Tawas Point State Park, Michigan
Labor Day Weekend
The campsites were HUGE, so we put the camper side ways, and put the canopy in the back.

We aren't going to use the closet as a bathroom, but as additional storage.  Bought a hanger sweater organizer for essentials

After a day in Tawas Bay...towels hung to dry.  Haven't embroidered
"NANA CAMP" on some BLACK beach towels yet.
Too much time having fun.

We took a 6' table along for a food buffet, leaving the picnic table for eating.  We probably will use the table for outside plate, crockpot, etc.
(Hubby at the picnic table reading)

"NANA CAMP"  sign goes everywhere

Picture of the new curtains from the outside....I made "Stagecoach" curtains....they roll up for day, down for night. I think they look nice from the outside.....the white & red.

And the back window.
Doesn't this baby shine??  We hired two high schoolers to "wax on, wax off" blinds you when the sun is rising, or setting.

October 3-5, 2011
"Nana Camp"'s second outing finds us at Wm Mitchell State Park in
Cadillac MI.
A perfect Indian Summer get away.  We rode our bikes around Lake Cadillac, saw beautiful sunrises on Lake Cadillac, and sunsets on Lake Mitchell.
"NANA CAMP" was all decked out in her Fall Decor...scarecrow & wreath.

The new fabric for the interior curtains.
We aren't using the benches or table, instead we've chosen to buy a full size mattress that rests on the benches in the down position. I'm in the process of making a Quilt, using the below fabric.
Our seating area will be under the red canopy.

These are the "Stagecoach" curtains.  I put "Velcro" on the walls, and sewed "Velcro" on the curtains.  When we're traveling I take the front & back ones down so we can see thru the RV when driving.

And here "She" is in her temporary storage. 
She is now at a boat marina INSIDE!!  Trying to keep "NANA CAMP" out of the harsh elements as long as possible.  In the summer months "She" will be outside at the Marina......all the boats will be envious of "her"......(giggle)

The previous owners had warned us that people would stop and oogle the trailer, and they were right.  Everywhere we go we have people stop and inquire about "her".  It started as early as the 1st day at the Secretary of State for License plates.

"She" caused quite a stir at the Tawas Point State Park.  We were parked between a motor home, and a 5th wheel.  We had constant on-lookers.

I'm going to have a sign made that describes "Her".

Until spring......this has been the tales of "NANA CAMP"


  1. Totally cute and love the blog! I'm a lurker on the Scotty yahoo group but just until I get my new to me Scotty home. That should be within the week, God willing.

  2. DotNana - Beautiful little Shasta you have there. Thanks for sharing.

  3. She's adorable! I can see why she has so many admirers when you take her camping :) We just brought home a little cutie of our own Tuesday. A 15' tongue to end '57 Shasta. She's road ready and just needs a little TLC to make her camping ready. I like your stagecoach curtains. I'd never heard of them. I was thinking Roman shades for over the "kitchen" window, but the stagecoach sound better. Thanks for sharing!